Want to write a book? a poem? a blog?

Many people want to write; some just get on with it and write. Some want to write, but something holds them back. If there’s a hidden writer inside of you, there are a variety of things that might move you from wannabe status to writer status. Last evening, upriver resident Nancy Johnson, a wife, mother, grandmother, activist and volunteer extraordinaire, shared some of the life events that moved her from wannabe writer to actual writer. It was very cool, but the thing you should take from Nancy’s presentation is that even though each person will have unique events motivating them to write, at some point you’ll need to set aside some time and space for yourself to actually do the writing.

For years, Nancy wrote poems on scraps of paper and lost way too many of them before getting serious about collecting her poems and putting them into the context of her long and varied life experiences. The resulting memoir, Strong Memories, in part a play on her childhood home of Strong, Arkansas, is a lovely view of the life of one of our cherished neighbors. Nancy wrote her book primarily for her children and grandchildren, but you might want to check out the library copy. Not only is it a good read, but It could inspire you to find a way of writing down things you’d like to pass along to your friends or family.

The upriver community has a number of other writers, but I will get in trouble if I only mention the ones that I can actually name this morning. The library has copies of some of our “local author” books, and some are available at Albert’s for those who want to see who’s writing what up here. Writers are gathering here and there to nudge each other onward and help develop writing skills. Workshops open to the public happen now and then at the library. And once words have been written, people are using a variety of self-publishing opportunities to put their words into books and e-books to share.

If you are interested in writing poetry, Marblemount resident Andrea Weiser (awzipster @ would love to hear from you. She will send you information about her new writer’s group, UpSkagit Poets.

If you would like to start a blog to take the place of Written in Concrete, please contact me. This has been a wonderful adventure, but neither of us is able to sustain this effort. If you think you might like to develop your own blog to share news and views about upriver life, I’d be glad to talk with you about this experience. Write me at grace @

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One response to “Want to write a book? a poem? a blog?

  1. I’d hate to see this blog go away, even though I don’t usually respond with comments on every posting. I think it is a great way for people in the area to keep in touch with what’s happening, and share their views on local (and larger) issues. I hope someone takes up the baton and keeps this going!

    Thanks, Grace and Carol!!

    (NOTE: if you send an email to Andrea, be sure to remove the space after the @ sign in the address above.)